Monday, December 15, 2008

Liveblogging the Wolverine trailer

- Apparently Wolverine fought in the American Revolution, and every subsequent war

- Ryan Reynolds looks less like Deadpool and more like a huge douchebag, which is just shocking

- Didn't X2 establish that Brian Cox created Wolverine? Brian Cox owns, why isn't he in this movie

- huh yeah I guess that is what Gambit would look like in real life

- haha why does Sabertooth run like the effeminate vampires from Twilight

- Emma Frost looks less like a femme fatale here and more like a 14 year old girl

- unless Colossus was inside that Jeep tossing him out, I'm not sure Wolverine can leap 15 feet into the air

- "Do you even know how to kill me?"

"I'm gonna cut your head off".

Yeah I mean, I guess that would do the trick.

- Why isn't Brian Cox in every movie. That guy is the best.

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  1. did you notice the the half a second shot of young storm? supposedly a very young cyclops is also in the movie. it's weird that wolverine met all the people who would be involved in his life 20 years earlier.