Saturday, October 4, 2008


New Exiles exists largely, I assume, to keep legendary X-Men scribe Chris Claremont off the streets, and the premise suits him perfectly: a bunch of alternate X-Men from different dimensions jump from variant Earth to variant Earth and resist whichever superhero has inexplicably turned to evil and conquered that particular world. The concept frees Claremont to do whatever he wants with his pet characters without stepping on the toes of anyone writing the flagship (re: profitable) X-Books.

Unfortunately, Claremont is, as of this writing, one hundred and seventeen years old, and he has absolutely nothing left to say about the X-Men. In this issue we see a heroic Sabretooth on the run from an evil Wolverine (OMG THE WORLD HAS GONE TOPSY-TURVY) until Kitty Pryde intervenes and says things like "This is so not good" and "That was so totally my bad". SLAMMO!

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