Thursday, October 16, 2008


That crazy Wolverine is up to his old tricks again, unraveling yet another shadowy conspiracy from his shadowy past, and this time he's brought his shadowy son, Daken, along for the ride! All this shadowiness seems to have put Logan on edge, because he's acting like a god damn lunatic -- first punching out both Cyclops and Emma for not telling him that Charles Xavier is still alive, even though they'd just found out themselves, and then immediately threatening murder when the Professor doesn't agree to tamper with the mind of his emotionally damaged son. Daken, meanwhile, is contacted by the shadowy Mrs. Sinister (apparently Marvel editorial decided this month that female versions of popular villains are the greatest fucking idea the world's ever heard of) and is lit on fire by some shadowy Black Helicopter types. No one ever said life in the shadows was easy!

The "original sin" referred to in the title is revealed when Wolverine reminds Charles (who, after being shot point blank in the head by Bishop, is understandably suffering from some light amnesia) that Logan was originally placed in the X-Men to kill him. This would be a fairly shocking revelation, if Mark Millar hadn't done the exact same story in Ultimate X-Men a few years ago. Nonetheless, this issue does provide a hilarious scene where Charles, upon learning that Logan has a twisted adult son, looks at him like he wants to shake his hand and light him a cigar. I award this issue an enthusiastic thumbs up!

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