Wednesday, April 8, 2009

First Church of the New Gods

FRIENDS: DO NOT WASTE ANOTHER PRAYER on sweaty desert gods who may never return! There are NEW GODS, and their struggles will decide the fate of all free peoples of the universe! Pray instead to Highfather, he who can read the will of the Source! Pray for mighty Orion, who fights for Earth! Pray for his strength, so that he might overcome the servants of Apokalips! Pray for his soul, so that he might travel through darkness and not become lost! Finally, pray for yourselves! Pray that you never have to live as a malformed slave of Darkseid! Pray that Death can race faster than Anti-Life!


  1. isn't the black racer a manifestation of death? DEATH ON SKIS!

  2. you know what i hadn't realized before actually reading these comics -- the black racer was literally a black dude, wearing a red and blue jumpsuit, hella skiing around in space

  3. kirby was genius no doubt.
    an alien messiah on a surfboard and cosmic death on skis.